Zulu Basketry


Open Bowls

Lidded Baskets

Bottle Neck Baskets

Traditional Zulu Beer Baskets


All baskets are works of art and are unique, no two being identical. This makes it difficult to categorise them into prices and Sizes. When assessing a basket, the size, the fineness of weave, the intricacy of design and the colours used, must all be taken into consideration.

Mbenges and Wall Hangings

Mbenges are small saucer-shaped baskets 20cm to 25cm in diameter used to cover the opening of clay beer pots and as small wall hangings. Wall Hangings are saucer-shaped, decorative and range in size from 30cm to 50cm.

Lidded Baskets (Ukhamba)


The sizes and prices here are specific to the baskets photographed. The pictures show the shapes patterns and colours, the more expensive the basket the more intricate the design and pattern and colours. 

Bottle Neck Baskets (isichumo)

These are highly sought after collectors pieces and are subject to availability. 


Bottle Neck Baskets