The Gallery

Nestled between a cluster of fever trees, on the outskirts of Hluhluwe is Ilala Weavers Gallery, Museum, Restaurant and Nursery.

Ilala Gallery

The Ilala Gallery and curio shop features the largest collection of traditional Zulu baskets under one roof.  Comprising a number of rooms with interesting nooks and crannies, visitors can enjoy an adventure shopping experience.  This shop has far too many varieties of products to mention but whether you are hunting for souvenirs and gifts, home decor or clothing, you will be sure to find some treasures from Africa.

Visit our well-stocked bush wear shop.  You can browse to your hearts delight amongst our extensive collection of children’s and adults wear.  Our clothes for the nature lover are comfortable, durable and desirable.  Clothes to discover our world in.

Ilala Weavers have been exporting goods for the last 30 years.  We offer a professional packaging service and arrange delivery through a reputable freight agent or through the postal services.  All parcels are fully insured and as registered exporters, we may deduct 14% Value added Tax from your purchases.

The Fig Tree Restaurant

Delicious a-la-carte lunch and dinner menu.  Breakfast, Light Lunches, tea, coffee, Milkshakes full bar facilities.  Reservations essential for large groups.

Zulu Cultural Museum

Unique and antique Zulu artefacts dating back to early in the last century.  The displays include artefacts and dress, eating and drinking, hunting and fighting, music and dance.  These and other accessories to the Zulu will be available for purchase in the museum shop.

African Art Gallery

This art shop, situated within the Museum offers one-of-a-kind art pieces, both new and old, collected from various cultures across Africa.  This is a must-see experience even if you take nothing home but memories of these unique and interesting collectors pieces.

The Nursery

Whilst waiting for your food order, take a walk across the parking area and stroll around the Sibayeni Nursery.  There is a variety of indigenous plants that you can purchase at a reasonable price including herb seedlings.


We would like to purchase items but don’t have space to carry them back with us?

We can arrange to package and send the goods on your behalf.

When will we receive the goods if you arrange to deliver them to us?

This depends on you! The two options that the postal services offer is airmail and surface mail.

How much will we have to pay to have our goods delivered to us?
Quotes for the post will be given once the weight of goods is known as: 
SURFACE MAIL (6-10 weeks Europe) – (12-16 weeks USA)
Insurance per parcel- R60.00

AIRMAIL (approx.  3 weeks –Europe) – (4-6 weeks –USA)
Insurance per parcel – R60.00

Remember: Airmail and surface mail is door-to-door delivery.  Airfreight is delivered to the closest International Airport only.  All charges incurred from the airport, including clearing charges etc. are for your own account.
AIRFREIGHT (approx. 10-14 days)
Goods are delivered to your closest International Airport.  Rates change regularly.  Please ask for a quote.
It is however not advisable to use this option unless the goods exceed the size acceptable to the postal services.
We have purchased goods elsewhere, will you be able to package and send them on our behalf?
Yes, if you include it with purchases made at Ilala Weavers, all you will have to pay for is the additional weight. Please be advised although insured, all goods will be sent at your own risk.
There are some items that we do not send via post due to the fragility e.g. ostrich eggs, clay pots, carved wooden bowls, resin pots/vases and ironwood carved animals. If the customer insists on having them sent, then they will be sent uninsured. In the case of damaged goods, we will not replace the item but rather refund the cost of purchase with the exception of the aforementioned items.
What happens if the goods do not arrive after a reasonable period of time?
Please contact us with the invoice number or send a copy of the shipment form.
We will trace the parcel on your behalf and initiate the insurance claim or replace the goods at no additional cost to yourself.
Generally, we do not have problems with delivering goods safely, but delays can occur during unusually busy periods (e.g. Christmas), which is beyond our control. Please allow a little more time over the festive season.
Please contact us after 16 weeks for surface mail or 6 weeks for airmail.
he insurance is only valid for 6 months (24 weeks) after dispatch. If we do not submit a claim within this period, we cannot be held liable for the loss.
What happens if we get home and regret not having purchased something?
Either e-mail or fax us with your request and we will send a digital picture and quotation for your approval. On acceptance, you either phone or fax your credit card details for authorisation.